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Our Menu


1.Momo-Lamb or Vegetable
Nepali dumplings stuffed with spices, mince lamb or vegetable abd served with pickle
2. Choela-Lamb or Chicken
Marinated lamb or chicken with special chef's spices and onion, pan fried.
3. Allo Chat
Potatoes cooked with chat masala and served with poori.
4. Dal Soup
Lentil soup with fresh coriander and lemon.
5. Mushroom Delight
Mushroom battered with grain flour, herbs and delicately spread deep fried cheese, served with salad
6. Sheek Kebab £3.95
7. Tandoori chicken £3.95
8. Chicken or Lamb Tikka £3.50
9. Prawn Puri £3.95
10.Chicken Pakora
Chicken breast pieces, spiced and battered in gram flour then deep fried.
11. Onion Bhajee £3.50
12. Meat or Vegetable Samosa £3.50
13. Chicken Chaat £3.95
14. Fish Pokoda
Monkfish spiced and battered in gram flour then deep fried
15. MIxed Starters (non-veg or veg)
Selection of (chicken tikka, sheek kebab and onion bhaji) or (Mushroom Delight, Onion Bhaji, and Veg Samosa)


16. Tandoori Chicken
Tender chicken marinated with mild spices, yoghurt and cooked in the tandoor.
17.Chicken / Lamb Tikka
Chicken pieces marinated in medium spices and cooked in the tandoor.
18. Tandoori Mixed Grill
Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab Tandoori king prawn's served with nan bread
19. Chicken or Lamb Shashlik
Chicken flavoured with spiced medium spices and cooked with onions, capsicum and tomatoes in the tandoor.
20. Sheek Kebab (4 pieces)
Minced lamb flavoured with medium spices, skewered cooked in the tandoor.
21. Tandoori King Prawn
King prawn flavoured with various spices and tenderly cooked in the tandoor.
22. Panir Shashlik
Cottage cheese cooked with onions, capsicum and tomatoes, cooked in the tandoor covered with thick dry fried masala sauce.
23. Tandoori Salmon
Salmon marinated with garlic, fish masala and barbecued in the tandoor.


24. Kathmandi Chicken Chilli (hot)
Tender chicken pieces fried in butter and cooked ith onions, green chillies, garlic, tomatoes, fresh coriander in a slightly tangy sauce.
25. Hariyali Chicken or Lamb
Chicken or lamb cooked with fresh spinach, mint, coriander and Nepalese herbs in medium spices.
26. Kathmandu Special (medium hot)
Special blend of marinated chicken tikka, lamb tikka and egg cooked with our unique blend of spices and fresh herbs including coriander, tomato and green and red peppers.
27. Lamb or Chicken Achar (medium)
Pieces of lamb or chicken in a tantalising masala with fresh herbs, tomato and fresh coriander
28. Chicken Nepal (medium hot)
Pan-fried battered chicken in cornflour, cooked with fresh capsicum, tomato, pieces of chopped onion, which is stirr-fried with exotic sauces, fresh coriander, garlic and green chillies.
29.Chicken or Lamb labadar (medium)
Chicken or Lamb cooked with aromatic spices & herbs.
30. Sherpa Chicken or lamb (hot)
Tenderly sliced fresh cooked clayoven chicken or lamb in a delicious blend of strong Nepalese spicies served with fresh coriander, tomatoes, spring onion and capsicum.
31. Gurkhali Chicken or Lamb (hot)
Barbecued chicken or lamb cooked with ground spices, green chillies, onion, tomatoes and green peppers, a hot dish
32. Kukhura Masala (mild)
Off the bone chicken marinated in a choice of herbs and spices in a delicately blended masala sauce with amond & coconut
33. Kukhura ko Tarkari (medium)
Barbecued chicken cooked with fresh herbs, tomatoes and coriander cooked in a special coconut milk.
34. Everest Chicken or Lamb (medium)
pan fried strips of chicken or lamb, cooked with crispy peepers, a good example of nepalese recipe .
35. Lelaki Chicken (medium hot) )
Medium spiced taste, cooked Nepalese-style with arlic, ginger, mathi, prepared according to your taste.
36. Pahadi Lamb (medium hot)
Lamb, marinated in aspecial blend of spices, cooked Nepalese style with thick sauce.
37. Haas Aloo (medium)
Duck and potatoes cooked in aspecial coconut sauce with ginger, tomato, garlic and fresh herbs and spices.
38.Haas KO Masu (hot)
Diced duck breast cookes in Nepalese style with fresh herbs and chef's special recipe.


39. Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala
Chicken or lamb broiled in the tandoor then cooked in a chef’s special mild sauce.
40. Chicken or Lamb Pasanda
Barbecue chicken or lamb cooked with coconut, almond, special mild sauce with a touch of red wine.
41. Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jhalfrezi (hot)
Chicken or lamb marinated with spices and cooked in the tandoor with onion, capsicum, chilli and tomatoes
42. Tandoori Butter Chicken
Chicken cooked in the tandoor and covered with chef’ spacial mix of spices in a mild sauce
43. Jeera Chicken (medium)
Boneless chicken tikka cooked with cumin spices, chopped tomatoes, green and red peppers and fresh coriander
44. Chicken or Lamb Chana
Chicken or lamb with chick peas, medium hot.
45. Chicken or Lamb Saag
Chicken or Lamb with spinach medium hot.
46.Lasun Chicken (medium)
Pieces of tenderly barbecued chicken cooked with fresh chopped garlic, tomatoes and coriander
47. Chicken or Lamb Mon Pasand
A slightly hot spice dish with fresh herbs and yoghurt masala sauce.


48. Ghinge Macha (medium)
King prawn cooked in coconut sauce with green chillies,
fresh coriander and herbs.
49. Piro King Prawn (hot))
King prawns cooked with fresh onion, tomatoes, capsicum and green chilli, to provide a spicy seafood delight.
50. King Prawn Achar (medium)
King prawn cooked in tantalising Masala sauce with fresh herbs,
tomato and fresh coriander.
51. Maleku Macha (medium)
A fresh cod fillet cooked in aromatic spices and herbs and prepared medium hot according to your taste.
52. Fish Tikka Masal
Monkfish cooked with chef’s special mild sauce
with cashew nut gravy.
53. Machha Jalfry (hot)
Monkfish cooked with green chillies, tomatoes, capsicum,
fresh ginger, garlic and coriander.


Cooked with the fresh ground spices, fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers and fresh coriander.
54. Chicken Balti (Medium) £7.95
55. Chicken Bhuna (Medium) £7.95
56. Chicken Madras (Hot) £7.95
57. Chicken Dansak (hot, sweet and sour) £7.95
58. Chicken Korma (Mild) £7.95


Cooked with the fresh ground spices, tomatoes, onions, green and red peppers and fresh coriander.
59. Lamb Balti (Medium) £8.95
60. Lamb Bhuna (Medium) £8.95
61. Lamb Madras (Hot) £8.95
62. Lamb Dansak (hot, sweet and sour) £8.95
63. Lamb Korma (mild) £8.95


Cooked with the fresh ground spices, fresh tomatoes, onions, green peperstand fresh coriander.
64. Prawn Balti (Medium) £9.95
65. Prawn Bhuna (Medium) £9.95
66. Prawn Madras (Hot) £9.95
67. Prawn Dansak (Hot, sweet and sour) £9.95
68. Prawn Korma (Mild) £9.95
69. Prawn Saag (Medium) £9.95


Cooked with basmati pilau rice, fried in spices, ground almonds and ghee.
Dressed with slices of tomatoes, and cucumber and served with a mixed
vegetable curry.
70. Mixed Vegetable Biriani £9.95
71. Chicken or Lamb Biriani £10.95
72. Prawn Biriani £11.95
73. King Prawn Biriani £12.95
74. Palace Special Biriani £13.95


75. Himalayan Sabjee (Medium)
Potato, cheese and broccoli, cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, tomato and coriander.
76.Everest Vegetables (medium)
Seasonal Vegetables cooked with crispy peppers, a good example of a Nepalese recipe
77. Chilli Paneer (Hot)
Home made cheese, cooked with freashly ground giners and garlic, comes with green chillie, fresh tomato, onion and corriander and spring onion.
78. Dal Sambar (medium hot)
Mixed vegetables cooked with lentil sauce, medium hot
79.Vegetable Masala
Mixed vegetables cooked with coconut, almond & herbs and spicy delicately blended masala sauce
80. Vegetable Korma (mild)
mixed vegetables cooled with a mild creamy sauce.
81.Gurkhali Tarkari
Mixed vegetables and cottage cheese, cooked in a Nepalese style, which is medium spicy.
82. Vegetable Jalfrezy (hot)
Mixed vegetables cooked with green chillies, capsicum, fresh ginger, garlic and fresh coriander


83. Kathmandu Aloo (Medium)
Potatoes with lemon juice
84. Nepalese Mixed Vegetables (Medium) £3.95
85. Aloo Chana (Medium)
Potato and chick peas
86. Tarka Dal (Medium)
Lentils with garlic
87. Bombai Aloo (Medium) Spiced potatos £3.50
88. Chana Masala (Medium) Chick Peas £3.50
89. Saag Aloo (Medium)
Medium spiced potatoes with spinach
90. Aloo Gobi(Medium)
Medium spiced Cauliflower with potatoes
91. Bhindi Bhajee (Medium)
Okra cooked in medium spices
92.Saag Paneer (Medium)
Spinach cooked with home made cheese
93. Matar Paneer (Medium)
Home made cheese cooked with peas


94. Boiled Rice Basmati £2.35
95. Pilau Rice Basmati £2.75
96. Lemon Rice Basmati £3.50
97.Egg Pilau Rice Basmati £3.50
98. Mushroom Rice Basmati £3.95
99. Special Fried Rice £3.95
Unleavened fluffy bread baked in the tandoor
101. Garlic Naan
Stuffed with fresh garlic
102. Peshwari Naan
Stuffed with ground cashew nuts and coconut
103. Keema Naan
Stuffed with spiced minced meat
104. Bullet Naan
Stuffed with green chillies, garlic and fresh coriander
105. Paratha £2.95
106. Tandoori Roti £1.75


107. Seasonal Green Salad. £2.95
108.Chips £1.95
109.Raitha £1.95
110.Plain Papadum £0.50
111.Masala Papadum £0.50
112.Chutney (Per Person) £0.50